What is Sulfur

What is Sulfur

Sulfur (atomic symbol S) is an essential element for life that is an important part of the amino acids: methionine and cysteine. It is considered a healing mineral because it helps eliminate toxins.

Benefits of Sulfur

Sulfur is very important for protein synthesis and enzyme reactions. It is found in all cells and is especially prominent in cartilage, it plays a connective role with cells. Sulfur is also found in the substances (glucosamine and chondroiton sulfates) that our body uses for tissue support. This gives it a protective and supportive function in our body's structure.

Sulfur helps your body get rid of harmful toxins, promotes healthy hair and skin, and is used to treat joint problems and allergies.

Consuming too much sulfur or not consuming enough is not considered a major concern. This is because sulfur is found in most diets.

Sulfur Foods

The foods most prevalent with sulfur are protein foods like eggs, chicken, meat, dairy, and fish. You will also find it in legumes, onions, garlic, cauliflower, and cabbage. There is no official recommendation of how much sulfur to consume, but it is suggested to take anywhere from 500-1000 mg per day.