The fear of resistant infectious bacteria

The fear of resistant infectious bacteria
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The fear of resistant infectious bacteria is rising. These can spread rapidly across countertops, stethoscopes, and catheters. These “superbugs†infect up to many patients a year in the United States, the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, and they’re quick to evolve defenses against even the most powerful antibiotics. Janice Spencer and a team of researchers at the University of Strathclyde are developing nylon sutures coated with bacteriophages–viruses, found naturally in water, that eat bacteria while leaving human cells intact. New research by the Scottish team found that phage-coated sutures effectively stemmed infection in live rats. Bacteriophages are not a recent discovery. During World War II, Russian doctors used cocktails of these viruses to treat soldiers infected with bacteria such as dysentery and gangrene. In water, these natural-born killers are extremely effective at eating up bacteria. The virus binds to bacteria and injects its DNA, replicating within its host until it reaches capacity,
Eating Food.

The price of fruits and vegetables is climbing faster than inflation, while junk food is actually becoming cheaper, the findings of a new study suggests. Using retail prices at major supermarket chains in Seattle, researchers at the University of Washington found that low-calorie, nutrient-rich foods — mainly fruits and vegetables — were far more expensive, calorie for calorie, than sweets and snack foods. Moreover, the average price of the lowest-calorie foods — including green vegetables, tomatoes and berries — increased by almost 20 percent over 2 years. In contrast, in the same time period there was a 2-percent dip in the cost of the most calorie-laden fare, such as butter, potato chips, cookies and candy bars. This is really no surprise; you just have to go to McDonald for a value meal to see the low price of unhealthy food.

breathing and health Stress: a school of breathing to combat it
Stress: a school of breathing to combat it

Breathe to combat stress! “Breathe Health and Happiness” the name is promising, an initiative that shall implicate 30,000 people in 21 Italian cities and 42 European countries. In fact, next weekend October 15 to 17 the Art of Living Foundation, Which for more than 30 years dealing with psychological well-being, determined to take action in a series of meetings to educate fine breathing! The rectify breathing, we know, helps our bodies to reside hale.

Assume an easy example (perhaps trivial): whether we do a run and maintain the correct rhythm of inhalation and exhalation, we are gripped by anxiety, the heart begins beating wildly and we must stop!

In the event the next weekend, although, goes distant beyond: you shall study through distinct lectures, old and contemporary techniques of breathing are able of restoring a balance between mind and body. The aim is easy still daunting: to reflect on require struggling stress now that, among the leading causes of demise in the Western world.

The individual must regain the correct times, do not get carried away by them. And whole thing can be done through the breathing techniques.

Among these, especially the “Sudarshan Kriya”, strongly designed to detoxify the body and rebalance the mind-body system in a short time. Some scientific research has shown that this formula, developed by Sri Ravi Shankar, shall have an effect on nervous system; To endocrine causes the reduction of hormones stress (cortisol and adrenalin) In the body, and immune point with the increase of leukocytes.

The course, in Italy, shall be held in Rome, Milan, Turin, Florence, Naples, Venice, Bologna, Novara, Brescia, Prato, Lucca, Pistoia, Viterbo, Borgosesia (VC), Fregene (Roma), Pietramala (Fi), Porretta Terme (Bo), Sanremo (Im), Schio (VI), Vergato (Bo), Loanhead (Sv).

It is significant that we eat a kind of healthy foods to gain the nutrition our body wants. Believe about your present healthy food habits. Since no single food collection can nourish the body with the entire ultimate ingredient it requires. Are you ensuring that the food you eat is really advantageous for your body?

healthy food 3 Healthy Food Products For Healthy Life
Healthy Food Products For Healthy Life

The food you eat is healthy if you can tell for ensure that the food supplies all the essential nutrients to your body and does not depart wastes in your body and creating your body vulnerable to the attack of diseases of distinct kinds.

The nutrition food groups are as follows:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Dairy
  • Fish
  • Poultry
  • Cereals and Pulses
  • Meat products

Now, women with breast cancer may be able to avoid chemotherapy by taking an extra drug. The London researchers, from the Cancer Research UK Centre for Epidemiology, the Wolfson Institute for Preventive Medicine, and Queen Mary’s School of Medicine and Dentistry, combined the results of 16 other research projects into LHRH agonists and breast cancer.

LHRH agonists like the drug Zoladex switch off the ovary and stop the production of a female hormone which can encourage some tumours to grow. Many types of breast cancer are sensitive to hormones produced naturally by a woman, including the sex hormone oestrogen, and can grow faster if a woman is producing them
The overall findings offer a more reliable indicator as to how well the treatment works which is as follows:
¢   Pre-menopausal women given LHRH agonists did as well as those given standard chemotherapy.
¢   This is an additional, effective class of drugs in the fight against breast cancer.
¢   the women did better with cancer 13% less likely to come back.
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Tinnitus the music therapy a good treatment Tinnitus: The Music Therapy A Good Treatment
Tinnitus: The Music Therapy A Good Treatment

Tinnitus… A medical term to point out the presence of a hissing noise inside us that can be momentary or accompanied throughout their life, can be complemented by the sound of heartbeats or a disease which also disappears ago the symptom, a sensation although, that investigation would accord with the doctors.

The tinnitus are not a phenomenon relative merely to old age, when the hearing is lower and is accompanied by other problems of the elderly, buzzing, ringing might arise in 50% of over fifty, but even before.

There is no cure at all for tinnitus, if merely because the explanation of these phenomena is regularly rough, not knowing the causes themselves, which in addition to recent drug therapies entrusted neurological Music therapy is added and listening to soft music and relaxing, as it did know Christo Pantev of the University of Munster in Germany who has conducted research in this direction.

The buzzes, whistles and ringing are disorders that might arise infrequently, merely for a few minutes, or, conversely, be persistent and ever accompany individuals. The problem, which can occasionally lead to pulsations and other sensations, is associated to an abnormal stimulation of the auditory receptors or causes such as disease, presence of wax, inflammation of the ear or the nerves and can frequently be a symbol of a bump.

The search has given rise to amaze when there has been an enhancement in symptoms in those patients who were treated with lovable music, so it was not for those who had listened to customary music.

At every season, change you should also needs to change your skin care cosmetics and body products. There are some tips of the skin care at the time of Rainy Season.
*Save your moisturizer for the rains. It’s a allegory that your skin does not need to hydrate in humid weather. If you go out in the rain often, you will definitely dry your skin. For this use a calm soap to bathe and apple an oil-free hydrating moisturizer.
*To keep your hair whiny clean, wash often and only use a gentle shampoo’s to care your beautiful hair.
*If you suffer from problems of hair like dandruff in the rains, then apply lemon juice to your scalp. Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it off with a good quality shampoo. Then you will see that you have a shinning tress and will keep dandruff away for days.
*At this season short your hair, which will help you to keep off hair stress caused due to humid weather.
*At this monsoon don’t load on foundation, because if you load on foundation then your make-up will run if you get wet in the rain.
So it is best to be prepared for an eventuality that will most likely happen.