The Silkn SensEpil is physician as well as FDA recognized for in the home hair removal. It uses high intensity lumination to safely and completely remove unwanted hair from any area of the body. It’s lightweight and also compact which makes it very easy to position and use. It’s hassle-free maneuverability and also massive treatment area permit the easiest laser hair removal achievable.

SensEpil employs a state of the art dermis sensing unit that provides more security to the user by stopping the device in case your complexion is very dark. It includes 5 comfort settings that allow even individuals with skin tones too dark for various other units the ability to use the Silk’n. Simply touch the device on to the skin and the unit detects skin contact. The safety sensor checks the skin and afterwards it signals a pulse through the unit. And after the device pulses, you go on to another location. This all happens within milliseconds providing an extra simple and fast laser hair removal therapy.

Professionally applied laser hair removal treatment plans at the parlor or doctors clinic can cost from $1400 to $2000. They’ll charge this much just for one area of the body. But with the SensEpil, you can actually take care of as many areas as you choose to. While using the Silkn, you invest a small fraction of the price of a beauty salon treatment program and still receive the magnificently soft skin you’ve always dreamed of all while in the ease and comfort of your personal home.

SensEpil works by using the ultra-modern Home Pulsed Light (HPL) Engineering. HPL was introduced by Silk n Laser and has in a literal sense changed in home laser hair removal. It provides dependable, effective hair removal which will make your sensitive skin silky smooth. For many users, this laser hair removal is actually long lasting. Every so often, an extremely fine kind of hair will begin to gradually grow back again. If this happens, an easy re-application is likely to place the hair follicle back into a inactive state blocking hair growth all over again.

The SensEpil is included with 5 comfort configurations to give a completely easy hair removal experience. In case you should feel any kind of pain, merely change the variable level of comfort lower by 1 and irritation will vanish. Some users may experience dry skin which is immediately eliminated by using a light cream.

Comparing the Silkn to beauty shop ipl treatments, waxing and even shaving, the time and money you save using the SensEpil can pay for itself very fast. It really is unquestionably a highly effective in home skin care technology that will give both men and women expert laser hair removal results in the comfort and convenience of their home.