What Is Your Career Path?

What Is Your Career Path?

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If you have already applied and we are processing your job request please stop by each Monday and let us know that you are still looking for a position. Simply enter your email address in the form below and click on the submit button.

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Our Nurses Speak HIPAA!

HIPAA is a fact of life! We all have to develop an understanding of the issues and concerns these regulations bring and we have be able practice them in our work place. Everyone that works for AstatHealthCare participates in a 1-2 Day HIPAA COMPLIANCE TRAINING designed for the practicing nurse. Yes - CEUs are given. No - there is NO cost to you!

Whether you are seeking a temporary assignment or a permanent home. AstatHealthCare Solution offers the stability of a major corporation and the companionability of your favorite small town clinic. We are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the support and comfort that everyone working in the nursing profession deserves. Our management staff will provide you the care and attention that will ensure that every assignment you undertake on our behalf is a wonderful experience.

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Just for You

A Site Designed Just for You!

We have designed our site with you, the working nurse, in mind. Here you can sign up for new and challenging jobs, meet new friends and keep in touch with old ones, communicate with the AstatHealthCare team, get information relevant to your profession and purchase nursing-related items of interest.

Be sure to look in on our Resources section for a wide range of topics that address you and your role in the nursing profession. We are interested in your issues and concerns and will be there to help you make the right decisions in your career journey.

Several ways to get started!

We suggest that you take a look at our web site to learn about us and to see the many offerings available. We offer a number of ways for you to join the AstatHealthCare family. Click on the Resume button above for a description of how you can get your resume started on its journey to get you the job you want. You can Apply at any time. Simply submit an application and one of our staff members will get back with you to let you know which additional forms need to be completed.

How much does our service cost?

Our services are provided at no cost to you. Through our extensive relationships with health care facilities throughout USA we always have positions available for nurses with your skills and credentials.